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Juanita Calamidad


Wednesday is the Erasmus day in Valladolid and everybody in the city knows it! We
want to continue making some noise and ESN needs your help to demonstrate that
Erasmus party is still the wildest! The best ambient, music and shots come
together in Juanita Calamidad for the "Wednesday Experience". You'll finish your exchange programme saying "Why always Juanita"?

C/ San Lorenzo, 7

Happy Hour (2x1)    23:30 - 00:30

Discount with your ESNcard:

Drink (alcoholic) 5€, with Red Bull 5,5€, Beers 3€, Desperados Beer 3,5€

Shots: Tequila 2€ / Jägermeister 2,5€ / Thunder 2€ / Vodka different flavours 1,5€ / Tequila choco 2€